Dear Parent/Student/Guardian,  

Below is the tutoring schedule for myself and other math teachers at KKFS. 

 Tutoring Schedule 
Subject  Day(s) Room(s)  Lead Teacher(s)
HS/MS Math  Tuesdays  TBA Ms. Huh/ Ms. Kim Peer Tutors 
HS/MS Math Thursdays  TBA Ms. Carter/Mr. Ettenfield+ Peer Tutors 
HS/MS Math Block Day Lunches TBA Ms. Carter 

Web Based Practice 

Need additional practice at home with your math class content? Request to sign up for IXL, a web-based program that follows your skills and builds your confidence with interactive questions for every learning style.  Membership is supported through Kent, so request an ID and password here: 



Your Teacher


Kaleena Carter 

Korea Kent Foreign School 


Kakao: KaleenaCarter 

Phone: 82-2201-7091