The above items are needed in order to maintain organization in this class. You will be graded on your upkeep. Download the rubric below to make sure you have organized your binder sufficiently. 
  • 3 Ring A4 size binder. Large enough to store media from up to one semester. 
  • 5 plastic dividers. These should last the entire year.  Labeled DO NOW, CLASSWORK, HOMEWORK, STUDY RESOURCES, GRADE
  • A4 loose leaf lined paper. This is what your homework should be done on. 
  • Sheet protectors to protect items such as the syllabus/class rules and your grade log

Binder Rubric HOT
Date 2015-07-05 File Size 684.2 KB Download 814 Download
ALG II Trig Grade Log HOT
Date 2015-07-05 File Size 41.73 KB Download 734 Download


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