Here are resources that will help you through your Algebra II & Trig Course! Use at your own leisure. 

  • Algebra II With Khan Academy - This web tutorial site will help you with some of the concepts we cover in class. Great for a reteaching resource!
  • Math is Fun- Algebra 2 - This website contains some of the content that we will cover in our course. The graphics are appealing to the eye. Take a look! 
  • Varsity Tutors: Algebra II - An interactive syllabus that shows various examples of Algebra II Content. Click and take a look! 
  • Mathopolis - Online skill practice for Algebra II Content. Many examples are available. 
  • Mathplanet - A free online Algebra II course - need some reteaching? Go here! Video lessons and examples can be found here. 
  • CK-12 - An online textbook resource that can reteach you by showing examples and videos. Explore! 
  • Flipped Math - Need more reteaching? Find videos and worksheets aligned with our course topics here. 

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