Here are a list of sites with descriptions to help you review for the AP Exam and succeed in this course. 

  • AP CENTRAL FOR STUDENTS -This website contains information about the AP Exam. Create an account to access Free response and multiple-choice questions from previously released exams and review some test-taking strategies. 
  • STAT TREK - This website offers free video and written tutorials on all topics covered in AP statistics. Visit here for a review of topics covered in class.   
  • Fathom - Statistical Software that you are required to download using the activation key provided by the school. It will last for an entire year. This is a great opportunity to use real statistical software on your homework and projects. See below to download the manual on how to use the software.
  • Fathom Online Help Guide 
  • StatKey - This online Applet resource will run simulations, do bootstrap confidence intervals based on sampling distributions, graph and determine descriptive statistics and more, all with a press of the button. It's fast and efficient when you want quick results without having a lot of head work.
  • Albert Test Prep- This website is an online assessment program that will help you find problem areas with your multiple-choice and Free Response before the AP Exam. Ask Ms. Carter for our Class Code. 
  • Udemy- This online learning portal has a "how to pass the AP Statistics course" that you can review or preview for FREE. I highly recommend using this as a review before the AP Exam, after lessons, or before a test. 
  • Udacity- This online learning portal also has courses in statistics. Although taught a little differently, it gives you a good review of the content we cover across 3 classes: Intro to Statistics| Intro to descriptive statistics | Intro to inferential statistics. 
  • Open Intro - An online course and textbook with Accompanied videos. I sometimes use these videos in the lessons or post them on wiki-space. Check it out! Videos are from Coursera (Duke University) 
  • Statistics Learning Center - Online videos and alternative resources that help students study statistics. I sometimes use these videos in lessons or post them on wiki-space. Check it out! 
  • OnlineStatsBook - an Online interactive textbook that has linked videos for each lesson. A project by Rice, Tufts, and University of Clear Lake
  • Arnold King's AP STAT course - A full course of AP Statistics content online. Includes video, audio notes, homework etc. 
  • Numberbender - Full course of AP Statistics online videos and explanations of lessons 
  • Varsity Tutors - Practice AP Stats Concepts, do a diagnostic test, or just do a problem of the day on this site! 
  • Dan Shuster - AP Practice Tests and Study Guides shared by this teacher! 

Summer Packets 

Please access the summer packet via the google classroom or request from Ms. Carter 


Kaleena Carter 

Korea Kent Foreign School 


Kakao: KaleenaCarter 

Phone: 82-2201-7091