Dear Student/Parent/Guardian, 
Welcome to my class website. Here you may find important files such as course syllabi, class rules, and binder requirements. Students may also find alternative resources to support them in their respective classes. Items such as grades and day to day resources will be accessible via the student Google classroom and PlusPortal-Rediker accounts. Feel free to look around and get acquainted with the site! It will occasionally be referenced in class and in assignments. The calendar to the right has all important dates that pertain to all math classes. Be sure to add it to your Google calendar accounts! 
Lastly, use the information in the toolbar to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns! 
Best wishes, 
Ms. Kaleena Carter 


Kaleena Carter 

Korea Kent Foreign School 

Email: Kaleena@kkfs.org 

Kakao: KaleenaCarter 

Phone: 82-2201-7091