Here is a list of sites with descriptions to help you review for the AP Exam and succeed in this course. 

  • AP CENTRAL FOR STUDENTS -This website contains information about the AP Exam. Create an account to access Free response and multiple-choice questions from previously released exams and review some test-taking strategies. 
  • Albert Test Prep- This website is an online assessment program that will help you find problem areas with your multiple-choice and Free Response before the AP Exam. Ask Ms. Carter for our Class Code. 
  • Flipped Math AP Calculus - Need some reteaching, this is Ms. Carter's all-time favorite resource to give students who need reteaching of lessons that are aligned very closely with hers. Videos, packets, and solutions all provided on here! 
  • Davidson Next: Challenging Topics for AB Calculus - This MOOC is archived but you can still access videos that review the most challenging concepts in AB Calculus. 
  • Wolfram Alpha - Computation Program that can compute calculus-based questions. 
  • Calculus Help - Online Tutorials for intro Topics in Calculus AB (Tutorials focus on the following topics: Limits, Continuity, The Intermediate Value Theorem, The Difference Quotient, The Power Rule, The Product Rule, The Quotient Rule and The Chain Rule.) 
  • - A plethora of resources for the Calculus Student 
  • CalcChat - Free easy tutoring and worked out solutions aligned with your textbook. You can use this to check the odd answers that I assign in the homework. 
  • Varsity Tutors - This site has diagnostic tests, learn by concept, and flashcards that help you prepare for your unit tests and exams. 

Summer Packets 

Please access the summer packet via the google classroom or request from Ms. Carter 


Kaleena Carter 

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