Welcome to AP Statistics! 

Here you will find important documents about your AP Statistics course: 
1) Syllabus- This is a brief overview of the course and contains important information about the grading scale used in each quarter.
2) Synopsis - A brief overview of the course by quarter and topics to be covered. 
2) Class Rules & Expectations - READ EVERYTHING.
4) Audit Syllabus- This syllabus is for the College Board to recognize this course as AP. I have attached it below for your convenience. It gives an in-depth view of the course. It also includes long descriptions of assignments, projects and goals. Note this is a projected idea of the course so specific content is subject to change. 
5) Weekly Agenda - See what we did during the week! This will be updated every Sunday. 

AP Statistics Syllabus HOT
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AP Statisitics Synopsis HOT
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AP Stat Class Rules & Procedures HOT
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AP Stat Audit Syllabus HOT
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